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Faezrland, 天下主家


Growing with summer 2011

2011-6-7 20:29:13 阅读622 评论0 72011/06 June7


dreamed of worms in flesh in dawn.^yesterday echoes harmony with Asoh Yukiko. I planned to visit zoo with baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 with porks and vegetables, but baby's mom refused joining us. i waited till afternoon and the sky turned pale. in the period i managed to resort home networks into working, after 3 days down for the telcom mistakenly blocked our broadband service. Its lunar Dragon Boat Day festival. i tried to gift 2 boys in our relatives with blessing, but each time led to baby son's teeth painful and cried in misery. i badly felt urgent to treat animals trapped in zoo, so i brought baby son launching after some pc games, around 3pm. baby dozed on the bus sound. i woke me up near destiny and he fresh as start when we join the zoo now turned open by removing fences and walls. we saw bears, wild pigs, eagle, deers, but sadly found the old eagle missing, likely died. we treated bears, wild pig and eagle with porks, they quite enjoyed except the eagle rested on the roof motionlessly. baby later joined me to toss vegetables to deers, and remnant meat to bears. there were lots of side watchers among tourists at the moment. baby son's only complain is that my purse too thin to allow he playing shooting game among stalls in the zoo. we soon dined out in a nearby restaurant baby chose with his mom after turned back. the dinner is OK, we shot some photos. then we played pc games after settled again in his mom's house, in beaming sunset on the balcony. baby still felt sad when i left to my QRRS dorms. in the night i went to bed later than 11:30pm, reviewing loves from younger lives in my caged freedom of life. God, u see how many blisses in my life. bring my girls sooner in our united life. let baby son enjoy games more on his new dell game desktop u promised!
It rained again in the night. in dawn i dreamed of baby son. i also made twice water in the night. in dawn i dreamed a lot worms in my flesh. i know its all worship that ever-stronger on the earth that witness my Empire emerging. 


lengest rain in 2011. dreamed of passed mother in rain rhyme.^the rain started last night, when i left the ditched office in QRRS near 8pm. i felt mercy in Asoh Yukiko's loving me. all the night i felt the sorrow while blessing. i also buzzed my siblings in my hometown, central China. when i looked into baby son's situation, i felt deep sorrow. but the rain saves. so i tried to buzz him to cheer him up. i tried twice but he yet listened me. 
the Monday i mostly stayed in dorm, for fun of harvests on web suffering drought under harsher blocking and censorship by China surveillance, report has it that it now harnessed white list to filter most essential web sites worldwide, close trapped Chinese on mainland into its shameless official propaganda curtain, which is totally lies and distorts. this dawn i listened the dense raindrops outside, i slept sounder. i also dozed after breakfast in canteen. i dreamed boarding in my 2nd elder sister's house, where my mother passing by but restless for my only kid brother's exam for college entrance. i waited before playing game for the return of my sister who went shopping grocery. i felt the touching love in my mother's heart, as well as among my other relatives. 
last week also saw my upgraded my acer notebook with additional 2 GB rams. it cost me ¥200. the notebook also cleaned dust inside, resulting more game time with baby son happily. previously it worsened by gathering heat by dusts jammed around its fan and cooling cooper tube of video card. its such a marvelous operation that i still in thankfulness now. 
God, its all good news for me, from ur mercy. pl bring me my girls in my new family sooner. bring baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲 his new dell game desktop and a rich International Children's Day tomorrow! God, see my Empire of China in PRC's ruin intact. burn dirt and rip dark over the shadow of my Royal of China. 


dreamed of shits again.^Its a cloudy morning. i prepared games for playing together with son in QRRS Dorms till lunch. after lunch i tried to doze awhile. dreamed a dorm mate receiving a visiting pal. i went to public lavatory and found shits covered the only 2 seats. i tried to avoid to stain my pants but failed, had to leave downstairs with fringes spotted with shits. last night i visited the canteen owner, for he asked me to copy some movies to his desktop. he two days ago lent me ¥200 as i trusted to equip my acer notebook with additional 2 GB ram. he might felt i was obliged to him, even i never borrowed without rewards. last month i borrowed near ¥320 from him and reward him ¥38, total ¥350 returned, with my lodging ¥360 for 2 meals in 4 weeks. the latter is repeatedly. in the night he invited me to drink beer with his late dinner. i talked about my career and my vision as he expected to probe me, while his legacy pc copying slowly. in dawn near 3 or 4am, just after i made water, a heavy rain poured down. it likely didn't last long, for when i got up near 6am, the ground superficailly wet. i join the sinful office at once, waiting a game download to complete, for most web file sharing sites worldwide one by one blocked by China surveillance these days, to name a few, hotfiles, firesonice, fileserve, ul.to, and almsot all popular file servers outside of China.
last two days i experienced roller coaster emotionally. the first day on baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's birthday, May 25, i got an idea to upgrade my notebook with additional ram, for which i longing so long. it costed me ¥200 and so cheap&out-performed. i visited baby in his mom's house at noon heroically on way back to dorm. but misery descends when i attempted to change bios password. the change deadly locked me outside from boot up. i desperately searched web for resort, calling acer support team for help, and complained God not to allow me in peace but trouble. next day i stayed in dorm rarely in the morning, till i felt the drive bravely to spend another ¥20 on the smart young man who help me clean my acer and upgrade 2 gb ram the day before, betting my luck as well as the opening of computer technology. i was right! acer local support crew failed to fix my missing bios password, but the smart boy did. all the rest of the day i enjoyed the speed and fantasy of my more powerful notebook. 
summer now heats us.
Growing with summer 2011 - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From summer is time now
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change in season.

2011-4-18 9:26:23 阅读138 评论0 182011/04 Apr18


repentance in peaceful night.^last night before went to bed, God shows me my self-poised crashing baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲's space. i saw his need to live unbiased and independently fresh. i saw his deep love to his dad, me. after went to bed, i found all the mistakes the rain he made was in fact my fault, my unable to accompany him to game and fun finding. i saw my too proactive a fake cause to stay with him, Hope of China, God of Universe, full heart and full time. on bed i pray God to let baby know my repentance at once while i can't buzz him for too late. i pray God meaningful tomorrow will bring more joys when we gather together, pray God let me less commit cheap utterance that can lead me astray.
Its a sunny morning now. God, let my mistake meaningless, restore baby son's lightening heart and pure of joy. God, forever u see all facts and definitions predated. God, bring baby son his dell game desktop, that seemingly even urgent for my acer notebook now frequently power down when gaming, likely its video card too hot. we need a sound gaming gear. 


an official spring rain.^last week busy with hunting for downloadable pc games for son. also launched to backup source file of family album to google picasaweb. baby son yet recovered from cold, so his mom refused him to visit my dorm. i managed to visit him twice in the week, for joy of great games. last night i busy in my ditched office later than 8:30pm, listened music and rest in dorm lately. i let the window open when i went to bed, in dawn i woke up among rain drops' noise outside. its the largest rain so far in spring 2011, and i saw so many blisses in it. in dawn i dreamed of my college campus. Wujiang, one of my Nankai university alumni and now a professor in US, contacted a visiting faculty selling ginseng aside a lake. i was at a loss for my alumni swim skill better than mine. in the afternoon after i returned from baby's mom's house, i dozed on bed in dorm, dreamed of my past mother's affirmative love which protects me from any insane seduce. its a large rain and last so long, when i blogging here i wondered how to visit my baby son, whose house 4 bus stops from here. God, bring my son a dell game desktop as he asked. bring my girls so sweat in my heart and memory. leading me to the brighter life ahead, and more bliss in surest glory.
buzzed baby for the possible detaining by rain, but he insisted my visit. so launched after breakfast in canteen. with borrowed ¥10, i took bus then walked in drizzle and arrived. baby watching animation online, i waited aside some time, then we played pc game, a Japanese air combat. after some turns, i told baby i felt flat, asked for accomplishing my own tasks. all the day busy with uploading family album to google picasaweb, also restored his mom's notebook os from backup. baby lately engaged with watching an animation trying reiterating legend of Chinese traditional zodiac. the Made in China product quite sinister in propagation, so i quit baby and told him sins in Chinese, and everlasting seduce from demons' against the holy. i warned him be cautious on Chinese culture products, urged him less waste time on the shits, where bureaucracy is its main theme and obsession, and dirt in ordinary Chinese souls which blind from YHWH by poor quality polytheism, and sufferings as punishment for the blind. baby listened carefully, while his mom rushed to shift him away from me. i lately showered in public bathroom, returned to dorms in time for dinner. after enjoyed jog around the dorm, i sorted recent photos, then blogged till now.
God, purify baby son with saint readings, rid him off trash of traditional and new craps from PRC, or any sinister nowadays against my Empire of China ahead. God, forever powerful and holiest with son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe, God, u see it. 


dreamed of past dad preparing his sons for travel.^dreamed in dawn. my past dad in good mood, preparing my 2 elder brothers and me to travel to his another workplace for trade. we all have nice parcels and baggages. kid brother and my baby son likely also enjoyed short gathering before depart. the villagers watched our launch of march with envy. Its a windy sunny morning while i missed breakfast, and i due to visit baby and entertain him with pc games now. 


benzrad's comment on the day.

fool's play for world hero in PRC's doomed outreach in this century.

China losing on inconsistent with American platform, comparing booming Indian tech human force in US, and loss gaining weightily till it can't afford in future, till the last straw smashes again the bony mule drug, smuggling, forgery and tortures, ie. lawless addicted like a century ago, humiliated again against its official textbook whitewashed recent history, reveals the truth of gapping wound and vulnerable indispensable in root Chinese. China with its current fake socialism doomed to be buried in coming decade. People in the world will see PRC's barking in the corner as funny as fool's play, or dog's tail self-chase. 
the world tomorrow, undebatable the one world under God's shine. glory once on US forever cherished by global citizen that's reasonable and responsible. God, one God, YHWH, clearly shows the road under Heaven ever-bright.

永中科技一周后破产清算 叫板Office成追忆


change in season. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From Spring 2011 in a nut
change in season. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From Spring 2011 in a nut
change in season. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From homeovie2RoyalChina

Posted via email from benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...鸠昱隆嘉

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life in surer pot of creation.

2011-4-2 11:31:40 阅读96 评论0 22011/04 Apr2


days in bliss.^these days saw lots of beautiful girls around me, and i know my girl Zhou coming to me.baby's mom also overt talking about her new marriage, dispelled my visiting her house where i can dwell with baby with pc games. all these things moving and sorry, i mean, change occures in time with resolution. times and times I was drove by sexual desire from passing beauties, and this time my girls, best in best in my eyes' candy, due to descend and melting me in her boundless wave of ocean of love making. saint moments with baby son also let me sorry in retrospect, for he is so smart and faultless. i pray for more time to serve him for harvest and joy together with God in his universe. I tried to download more small games from web, but he still gamed a lot with his favorite game, worms 3D. his mom refused leaving him alone with me in my dorm, saying baby son yet recovered from recent cold. God, isn't my good time arriving, doesn't the world focus, like Japanese earthquake, Christian crusade diminishing Islam and Russian, pokes itself into world agenda and appeals the presence of Son, Son of the only God and creator of Universe, his decision and save, his brilliance and hardness? God, doesn't my girls broke sieges of enemies of my Empre of China and aligning under my castle that universally evergreen? God, doesn't new life of my Royal, my 2nd son, my 3rd son and other children glad to step in from world hedge? God, I'm ready for a long time for the booming of my family in ur shine, in title of Zhu's. God, bring my girls as well as my new families sooner in sunny summer, lift me into meaningful weighted life experience on the most pivotal stage in the world unites in one. God, see my girls the straight way to my rest room, God, u see. 


dreamed of alumni re-gathering.^dreamed of a guy in family name Xu, whose scores in our senior middle school usually quite enviable, in alumni gathering party. another guy, Peng Jinglei, also appeared. yesterday i update my online alumni pages with new photos, and read updates from my once classmates. Its now a bright morning, and I just enjoyed my delicious breakfast. these working week i usually joined old office on time, trying to gain stuff from web. the hard core gay on my facing desk again turned agile, busy on his seat profaning me from time to time, while his companion or mate, the monitor, this moment avoid joining the mud, likely learned from my exit so far since the dispute over office door's openning or closing. yesterday i worked in old office longest, left near 4pm, joined again from 6pm to 8:30pm, aiming prepared baby's weekend visit with more attractive pc games. on way back to dorm, i reviewed the office gay's wrong orientation since his childhood. God urged me to keep alerts among my attitude toward my sons, enabled them all independent and perfect self-possessed. God does not weaken his blessed by uncompleted. the dorm area first time encountered power down, resumed when i reviewed baby son's gaming experience. God, bring baby's dell game notebook sooner, let me enjoy family life with my girls! no matter how i busy with Internet, my empty heart for love brews hot. God, Asoh Yukiko, raise me to my life i deserve, inspire baby son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, hope of China, God of Universe, with changes under ur shine. God, u know. 


saw death itself.^dreamed in dawn. saw ghost of death master jumping to me, while I determined to see through, then woke up in terror. this week i joined the ditched office mostly mornings, usually left in fatigue, likely under the siege of sins there. however all my task list cleared with the convenience of Internet via corporate lan. google's reader still frequently broken, unable to load my subscribed feeds, google account was defied logout but less times after i did it via proxy tool against the surveillance, who likely realtime espionage. i can felt hatred against google gathering weight among dictator elite in PRC, and the elapse of the socialism also speeding up. barking dogs in the office continued their doomed fight, but that's a far distant echo of historical wound. baby's 2nd site, wozon.net, likely finally released, with homepage rewrote, some subdomains, like blog, wiki and forum, nicely settled. last night when i went to fetch baby son, i shown him the works online, he didn't comment, but i know the prize. i reported him my discuss with Taiwan friend on the gift, a dell game notebook as God promised, encouraged him praying for the ready after barrier behind it, surprise in front of it. i also shown his mom, who refused baby leaving her house the night for baby got cold, google maps. its so bright in the end of yesterday, baby son greatly enchanted by 3 new games arrived from web. i saw God's bliss even thick in this sunny dawn. God, bring me my girls and our offspring, bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, his promised gift, a dell game notebook in nearest spring. 

life in surer pot of creation. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From life as it extends
life in surer pot of creation. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From life as it extends
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life in surer pot of creation. - 天下予帝birdous天下中帝 - IIDChina╋我帝中华
From homeovie2RoyalChina

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