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days entertained by my moto cellphone  

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got up late around 8:20am, lingered&fine tuned my moto L7 cellphone till 9am. in office read&download. baby's mom buzzed in for her notebook can't access Internet, likely been hacked&lost network card interface. upset a bit by her pretending assertiveness. the facing evil bit all the morning, soon just after i settled. the monitor continued in afternoon while the former absent since noon. listened awhile bible radio till illness in the voice staged. its pale in the morning, but turns bright in afternoon after i abide God's arrangement. tried some chrome extensions as tips from google products' blog. check my google maps&retouched some descriptions of my panoramio photos on maps, adding related links. retreated to dorm after 4pm, ate seeds while seeing fading sunshine. near 5:20pm, haunted office again, fine tune google alert to monitor my family domain&server status. then sorted contacts to include flickr's posting to blog&twitter secret email. tried to sort opera mini bookmark on my moto but failed, so quit to dine out. baby's mom, emakingir don't trouble me more in my buzz, which let me less anxious. discussed my pills running out, &borrow her money to buy. baby watching animation&don't talk to me. in office visited a guy long time staying in QRRS dorm, taught him to cherish his dream&his current living status. treated him, as well as myself with sausage&eggs newly bought. manually adding family sites into bookmarks on my cellphone, then enjoyed surfing via opera mini till near 11pm. watched movie "avatar" before sleep, which till near 1am.

engaged with moto L7.^most day busy with hacking moto l7, the cellphone baby's mom, emakingir lent me, tried to tailor its setting, my bookmarks, etc. later flashed its os with one from web. told ema the power of western product like the moto, sorted&backup till 11pm. 

a day harvest moto.^got up at 8:26am. its a bright morning. in office refined my panoramio, posting some old photos from my picasaweb to panoramio. let download while reading. at noon refined family qq profile to include family sites' links via qq client on a office desktop, nicely done! received baby's mom, emakingir's cellphone she sent on her own. my girl zhou didn't appear in QRRS rush time. retreated to dorm just after 2pm when tomb chill turns thick from evils in office. on the way dropped into a printing shop to borrow mini-usb cord, trying fix the missing password of a moto, the cellphone baby's mom, emakingir lent to me. in dorm launched to hack the cell but lack of driver my notebook can't recognize it. sorted stuff newly got, blogged. reviewed my love with my girls, my crowded Queens, my offspring. the sinful folk in QRRS migrated from Hubei Prov, attempted to trouble me again, for my new cellphone don't block it. left dorm near 4:20pm, met baby son on the way, with the grandma. carried him to bus stop, sent him off by taxi. told him God in him, and the reappearance of my girl zhou, and a twin my girl zhou will breed with me. its really an inspiring day. in office the deputy director asked why i lingered in office recently after work time, and suggested canteen in the factory. i replied the down dorms' canteen forces me to dine nearby. God let me stay out with QRRS. in the night i tried to fix my locked cellphone, with a unnecessary restored os, failure let me again inquiry the web&soon got my answer. the bright day from start tells me a blessed day, now i recognized God's shine&forever correct. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, about my success unlocking her cell, before leaving office. she reserved to sent me cellphone's cord sooner. God, its really a day with astonish! dined with pies&noodle. bought food in shine of Masheng&favor of Sally. enjoyed it in dorm, also fed a pet kitty in the dorm. enjoy surfing&hacking on cell first time in days, &till 11am gave up&slept. its my first time using western cellphone os, which really powerful than Chinese counterpart.

hopeful Monday: my girl zhou first time appeared&passed by my office.^sound sleep. dreamed a lot. arrived office at 8:04am. Masheng assured me nothing can harm me nor my Royal, with a brilliant sunny morning as i prayed for. in office fine tuned my google browser, chrome's extensions to gain better performance on Hasee notebook which less powerful than my previous acer notebook. finished claiming all family google accounts' panoramio, a google service of sharing photos geographically&display on google maps or earth, after it just closed separate user registry previously&bundled with google account. I launched the claiming new panoramio with family google accounts last Saturday, but this time i connect some old panoramio's accounts with its google accounts respectively. sorted portable&backup. at noon God let me see my girl zhou again, just when i occasionally stepped forth to window. after so many failure in anticipation of my girl zhou passing my office, i almost never hoped recently she likes the route any more. but this time different, just about ten minutes after noon break. her peculiar walking posture, her hairs' cure, let me at once recognize her. she was accompanied by a female&2male colleagues, and in black suite. in the rest of the break in office, i restless, clapping&singing. in afternoon, tried to contact online qq friend to fix family qq profiles, which incompatible between its client&web edition. a hometown folk soon turned to be a dog, refused to help me, while a QRRS guy cordially let me complete my probe with his qq client, with which i hate&don't install for it steal user data from local hard disk and upload for police. read most of time&clear lots of unread feeds. the deputy director visit my office, urged me to present baby's mom for its International Woman's Day. i buzzed but unable to connect to her, who brought baby son&her old family to dine out with fried beef. i tried to fix some spams' autoposting to emakingir's blog&twitter, but failed. all proxy i can harness on the notebook failed me. till after 7pm, baby&his mom returned home&we chatted via gtalk, arranged to let her allocate me some more money, and her renting me her extra cellphone to let me surf via wap. for i just subscribed GPRS wap plan ¥20/month while my new cellphone held by baby son. dined with noodle&pie, but additionally i asked a case of  steamed bun包子, in shine of Masheng's. Its all time bright&sunny. i felt so many bliss from the sunshine of Masheng, my God.
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